Another Team Lacroix adventure

This year I resolved I would be in pictures and that we would travel and camp more.  I’m mostly succeeding.  Follow our adventures on instagram @lisalacroixphotographer and our see our travels #AnotherTeamLacroixAdventure!!


Edmonton Family Photos_0051Edmonton Family Photos_0052

He hates having his picture taken (which figures considering he is SO flipping adorable)Edmonton Family Photos_0053

Edmonton Family Photos_0054

She, on the other hand loves to be photographed and will direct your shots for you :)Edmonton Family Photos_0055

This guy I love with all my heart <3

Edmonton Family Photos_0056

and the teenager is a work in progress. Oh and YES the 5-year-old threw pine needles at her as I was taking the picture and totally poked her in the eyeball.  The teenager was extremely unimpressed.

Edmonton Family Photos_0057

Edmonton Family Photos_0066

We miss a beach day here because I photographed all the action on my Iphone.  Edmonton Family Photos_0058Geocaching at the Whistlers campground.  Thank goodness for the interpretive programs in our national and provincial parks!!

Edmonton Family Photos_0059

This summer Maielle learned to swing on her own.  I love swinging and I hate pushing swings so this was a boon for our relationship.  We can now swing side-by-side.

Edmonton Family Photos_0060Edmonton Family Photos_0062Edmonton Family Photos_0061Edmonton Family Photos_0063Edmonton Family Photos_0067


Edmonton Family Photos_0064Edmonton Family Photos_0069

We hiked the glacier.Edmonton Family Photos_0068

Note: I am in a picture!!!Edmonton Family Photos_0071

Keaton and Maielle loved the floating ice burgs from the glacier.Edmonton Family Photos_0073Edmonton Family Photos_0072

Noted: the surly teenage attitude.

Edmonton Family Photos_0070She hates me when I am taking a family shot but when she wants me to take her picture she is all sunshine and roses.

Edmonton Family Photos_0074

Edmonton Family Photos_0075Edmonton Family Photos_0077Edmonton Family Photos_0078Edmonton Family Photos_0079

We honestly saw the most diverse wildlife this trip.  Missing are the black bear and grizzly (yes I finally saw a grizzly).  Unlike the wonderful people chasing the bears down the highway I chose to stay in my car and observe (from a safe distance).

Edmonton Family Photos_0080Edmonton Family Photos_0081

Mmmmmm Food

Edmonton Family Photos_0086Edmonton Family Photos_0085Edmonton Family Photos_0083Edmonton Family Photos_0084

Again with my resolve to “be in pictures”.

Edmonton Family Photos_0082Edmonton Family Photos_0088Edmonton Family Photos_0087

Another day another discovery.  This time it was the discovery hike at Whistlers campground (we actually stayed at Wabasso because it’s my favorite but we used the park programs at all the campsites.  If you are in Jasper make sure you check out the campfire singalong at Wabasso on Friday nights and say hello to my favorite park interpreter Emma)!!

Edmonton Family Photos_0090Edmonton Family Photos_0089Edmonton Family Photos_0092Edmonton Family Photos_0091

Edmonton Family Photos_0107

Edmonton Family Photos_0094Edmonton Family Photos_0093Edmonton Family Photos_0098Edmonton Family Photos_0095Edmonton Family Photos_0097Edmonton Family Photos_0096Edmonton Family Photos_0099Edmonton Family Photos_0100Edmonton Family Photos_0101Edmonton Family Photos_0102

The kids did the geocaching at Wabasso too.  It was much harder than the Whistlers geocaching, so Clint helped a bit :)Edmonton Family Photos_0103Edmonton Family Photos_0104Edmonton Family Photos_0105

A hike up to Athabasca falls and our annual trip to Jasper came to an end.  Until next summer.  We will miss you!!!

Edmonton Family Photos_0109Edmonton Family Photos_0106Edmonton Family Photos_0108Edmonton Family Photos_0110

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