“Comparison Is the Thief of Joy”

Photography was something I started doing because it made me joyful.  I loved creating images that were better than the last ones I created, and I delighted in capturing the love and emotion that was occurring around me.   Then something changed. I started to compare everything I did against others, and comparing yourself against others is an impossible standard to live up to.  This is because when you compare yourself against others it isn’t a fair comparison, you know yourself too well.  You know how your kids were acting that day, or the funk you were in all week.  You know all the nitty-gritty details of your your life and work, yet you only know the polished version of the person you are comparing yourself against.

This year I chose to be joyful.  I am trying hard not to compare myself and instead to appreciate all the things I have done.  I have started shooting more film in an endeavor to appreciate and embrace imperfection. I am taking less paid work and doing more personal projects.  I am making myself happy and it’s been good for my soul!

Here are a few shots from a session I did with my girlfriend Nicole and her little guy Q (and miss Maielle).  I shot this on film and on digital, so you may see these again when I get my film scans back :)Edmonton Family Photography_0010Edmonton Family Photography_0011Edmonton Family Photography_0012Edmonton Family Photography_0014Edmonton Family Photography_0013Edmonton Family Photography_0015Edmonton Family Photography_0017Edmonton Family Photography_0016

Edmonton Family Photography_0018

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