Finding Joy

When I started this exciting journey into photography I was completely fired up to photograph everyone and everything I came across.  Whenever I was asked to photograph someone or something I said yes!  I was having fun and learning lots in the process.  A few years later I found myself on a family vacation completely reluctant to touch my camera.  Here I was on a vacation working like a dog trying to finish up client files and make galleries when I should have been making and capturing memories with my family.  This was the moment it clicked, photography had become a chore and I was no longer enjoying it.  Ever since that day I have been on a mission to find joy in photography again.  I joined Conni and formed LIFEDOTSTYLE, so that I could photograph weddings and boudoir and still be in love with photography.  I started saying no when I didn’t think I was the right photographer for projects I was asked about.  I also started saying no once I was fully booked, instead of trying to squeeze in one more session (though I am still terrible at saying no).  Additionally I started taking on personal projects.  Photographing people and projects simply to make my happy and to fulfill myself creativity.  This is one of those personal projects.  It makes me happy.

Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0006

Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0002Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0003Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0001Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0004Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0005Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0010


Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0007Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0013Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0009Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0008Edmonton Photographer Personal Project_0011


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