January 4 on 4

This month my 4 on 4 is featuring some photos from Christmas Eve. I had to replace my beloved 50mm this year (I fell on it during a wedding and it was never the same again). I replaced it with the Sigma 50mm Art lens.  Thanks to the wonderful people at Amazon.ca I got it Christmas Eve morning and got to bring it with me!!

The first one is me and (grumpy) Keaton being naughty and nice!
Edmonton Newborn Photographer_0021

My Parents had the same idea ;)

Edmonton Newborn Photographer_0024

This is Maielle’s begging face.  It is what she tries whenever she wants something (so basically all the time).

Edmonton Newborn Photographer_0023

They love each other. Truly.

Edmonton Newborn Photographer_0022

next up check out Chrissy Mazer to see her 4 on 4 for January!!

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