Our summer vacation in Jasper

I am sure I wrote a long blog post before.  Now you will just have to look at pictures :) these are still mostly un-edited  <3

Edmonton Family Photography_0016

The best travel shirt EVER!Edmonton Family Photography_0000Edmonton Family Photography_0001Edmonton Family Photography_0002Edmonton Family Photography_0003Edmonton Family Photography_0004


A good beer is important after a long car ride :)Edmonton Family Photography_0005Edmonton Family Photography_0006


Photo-bombEdmonton Family Photography_0007Edmonton Family Photography_0008

Camping sure is dirty work!!Edmonton Family Photography_0009Edmonton Family Photography_0010Edmonton Family Photography_0011Edmonton Family Photography_0012Edmonton Family Photography_0013

Campfire eclairs. 1-part Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls, 1-part  Jello pudding, 1-part chocolate fronting and a million parts YUMMMMM

Edmonton Family Photography_0014Edmonton Family Photography_0015Edmonton Family Photography_0040Edmonton Family Photography_0041Edmonton Family Photography_0017Edmonton Family Photography_0018Edmonton Family Photography_0019Edmonton Family Photography_0020Edmonton Family Photography_0021

Jasper was hot this year.  So we spent LOTS of time at the lake!Edmonton Family Photography_0022Edmonton Family Photography_0023Edmonton Family Photography_0039Edmonton Family Photography_0024Edmonton Family Photography_0025Edmonton Family Photography_0026Edmonton Family Photography_0027Edmonton Family Photography_0028

We also saw more wildlife than we usually see.  I shot this photo of a mama bear out my car window.  When you see bears safety should always come first!Edmonton Family Photography_0029Edmonton Family Photography_0030Edmonton Family Photography_0031

Keaton became a Jr. Park Ranger!

Edmonton Family Photography_0032Edmonton Family Photography_0033


We hiked Sunwapta fallsEdmonton Family Photography_0035Edmonton Family Photography_0034Edmonton Family Photography_0036

And hung out at Pyramid Lake

Edmonton Family Photography_0037Edmonton Family Photography_0043Edmonton Family Photography_0038Edmonton Family Photography_0044Edmonton Family Photography_0045Edmonton Family Photography_0048Edmonton Family Photography_0049Edmonton Family Photography_0050Edmonton Family Photography_0042


Edmonton Family Photography_0053Edmonton Family Photography_0047Edmonton Family Photography_0046

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